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The Mildred Inn, previously known as the J.W. White house, resides just East of the Mason Square on Highway 29 in Mason, TX.  Built circa 1872 this beautiful house has graced Mason for over 140 years.   A two year renovation has brought this property back to the beauty she deserved with her elegant Victorian features, long leaf pine floors and tall ceilings,  windows, doors and more.  Two front porches provide plenty of area to sit and watch the movement in and out of town.  The back deck provides a more private and comfortable opportunity to relax.  The Guest house is renovated with a kitchen, living area and a much loved upstairs bedroom that feels like you are sleeping in the trees.   Grab a book, glass of wine or just friends and spend time in the Smoke House where the original work bench and several original signs grace the walls.  Nails on the trusses held the meat and the wood bars on the north window protected the meat from animals.  The cistern is also just an absolute treasure and its porch rocking chairs will give you the means to completely relax and envision the days past.  The Mildred Inn is a true treasure and I am so happy to share it with you.    

Pat Dixon, Proprietor

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The Mildred Inn History


Known over the years as the Ben Gooch House, Morgan Hamilton House, J.W. White House, and The Mildred Grant House, this stately Victorian home has been in constant use since the 1870’s, except in recent history where it was basically left to deteriorate.  Early documents show the land was sold from Mr. Bowser and Mr. Lockhart to Ben Gooch in December 1871.   The 1880 census shows Mr. Gooch and his family living on the property.  The property sold in 1884 to Morgan Hamilton.  


Records show that in 1889 J.W. (John Wilburn “Will”) White moved to Mason.  J.W. was born June 22, 1854 in Gonzales County, Texas.  In 1891 he married Cora Bridges, the daughter of S. F. Bridges, who was one of the earliest builders in Mason.  Mr. White was involved in many business ventures including ranching and banking with his wealthy Uncle George W. Littlefield.  Shortly after Cora and J.W. married in 1891 they bought the house.  They had five children:  Tom, Walker, Jennie, Elizabeth, Mildred and Dub. 


In 1904, J.W. White and two others received authorization to form a bank.  German American National Bank of Mason was formed where J.W. White served as Vice-President.  The bank name changed to Mason National Bank in 1910.  He served two separate times as President of Mason National Bank, now known as Mason Bank, until his death on December 26, 1939.


Cora Bridges, born March 1, 1867 in Charlestown, Clark County, Indiana died on January 28, 1951 in Mason, TX.


It appears that the property remained in the family and it is known that Mildred White Grant lived in the house prior to nursing home care.   Mildred White Grant was born in 1900 in the house and died in 1992.    Mildred was loved by the Mason community and it is the reason she is honored with naming the house she loved as The Mildred Inn.